My experience with a second-hand shop while we were in Varnamo

While we were in Värnamo, we visited a second-hand shop Erikshjälpen. The first thing we heard was the story of Erikshjälpen.
Erik Nilsson was born in 1929 in the region of Småland, Sweden. He was suffering from hemophilia and spent extended periods of his life in hospital. However, instead of feeling pity for himself, he started sending greetings and small gifts to encourage other sick children. He collected postal addresses by listening to a radio program where letters from children were read out. By 1946, when Erik was seventeen years old, his charity work was established. A couple of years later, Eriks was interviewed in this weekly radio program and his work became known to the public. Gifts started to pour in from people around the country of Sweden. Erik died in 1966 only 37 years old but the work he started continues and today thousands of vulnerable children and families around the world are given an opportunity for education and livelihood and are able to shape their own future.

We then took a tour of the shop and bought what we wanted.