Gummifabriken Värnamo

Today we received a tour of the Gummifabriken in Värnamo. It used to be a rubber producing factory, but today it serves the municipality of Värnamo in many different ways. It has been renovated into a creative place for meeting (library, restaurant, cinema, etc. ) has an educational program and a technology department. The library has two floors filled with interesting books and places to read in silence and relax. We’re very amazed by the amount of books it has and the space of the library.  After viewing the library, we had lunch at the restaurant that takes places in the ground floor. The restaurant has delicious food and is very stylish with beautiful design. After lunch we recieved the tour of the third floor in which they have the science park and the technology department.

We are very impressed by Sweden’s educational system, especially the way they  include creativity into everything they do. We noticed that they really value education, research and sharing knowledge in general. We think the investment they made was beneficial for the community and will help in the development of the region. Our favorite thing about the company is the union of the cultural, educational , scientific area and entrepreneurship.

/Slovenian team

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