The Erasmus project in Portugal - being a host

“The Erasmus+ week was one of the best experiences of my life. As a Portuguese host, I got to
know 5 different cultures, improve my English and show (proudly) to the others how there’s beauty
in every corner of my city. The most important is that I ended this week with a lot of new friends,
with whom I shared laughs, new experiences and opinions.They are wonderful and very special
people. The best part is we are already making plans so we can visit each other during the
summer. It was a very intense week, in the best way possible.

I learned so much about the search for a job, the CV and about hard and soft skills. With this
project, I got to know all kinds of things that will be super useful in the future. I’m very grateful
that I got the chance to be a part of this week. For me, the WOW project is like a bicycle. All the
different and necessary pieces travelled from multiple places to Portugal, where they, with the
help and instructions from our teachers, got together us one piece”
Inês Matos, Portugal.

“This whole week was just fabulous. I was not expecting it to be so good. It was very good to
improve our english skills and to learn more about the culture and about the world of work of
other European countries. It was also fascinating to see that even though we all belong to the
European Union and we are in general similar people we have different ways of working and
also different public and education systems.
In my opinion the greatest thing about it was to meet new friends from other countries with whom
we can now maintain contact and hopefully visit one day”
José Magalhães, Portugal

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