The cozy night by the fire at Osudden.

We met up at 6.30 p.m on Monday evening at a place called Osudden by the lake called Vidöstern. We started a fire and started toasting marshmallows, hot dogs and the typical Swedish "twist bread", pinnbröd in Swedish!

Osudden was a meeting point and everybody dropped in whenever suited them. Even though the lake was still frozen, Aaron from Finland, took a swim so he had to dry up by the fire. After a while, everybody started to grill their food and then some started to climb trees and explore the area. On the other hand, some stayed by the fire and got to know each other better. Benjamin from Sweden brought a speaker so we played music all evening. Eventually, the battery ran out so everybody started singing together instead.

By the time it turned dark we had to put blankets on to keep warm.We stayed there for a couple of hours until the firewood ran out. We had a really good time, especially the ones that come from southern Europe since they are not used to these kinds of gatherings around the fire. This was a wonderful start for the whole week in Sweden.

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