The technic centre in Gummifabriken 10.4.2018

Today was the second day here in Värnamo and we visited Gummifabriken. First we went to see the library and after the tour we had lunch. After lunch we went to see the technic section. First we saw a huge 3D-printed dinosaurus head. Then we were walking around and looking at the offices. There was also a "creative office" which was a place to create new ideas. Each office there was for a different company. The guide told us that the offices were free for the first six months and after that the workers and companies would have to start paying rent.

Then we went to see the programming area and our guide told us about the things they usually do there and what equipments they have. For example they had 3D-printers and robots. After that our guide taught us how to do basic programming with iPads and Lego-robot trucks. Then we had approximately 30 minutes to program the mini robot trucks to complete a special track which was made for them. After practicing we had a little competition against the other teams.

We had very much fun there and it was also creative and educational. Gummifabriken was a great experience and the building itself was very modern and welcoming.

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